About Gumi Guihan Lu 


Gumi Guihan Lu is an interdisciplinary artist born in Chongqing, China, and living in New York. Her expertise spans a variety of mediums, including but not limited to interactive installations, wearable devices, 3D art, as well as glass, ceramic, creative coding, and projection mapping.

Her career began with a focus on genetic music as a programmer. Then her artistic journey starts by crafting narratives set in extreme futures, through which she invents future machines. She also imagines the direction in which the world evolves under the rule of non-human species. The subjects of interaction in her works are typically limited to a single person, or there are no human interaction at all. She endows other beings or pseudo-beings with human emotions and attentiveness, thereby creating a sense of vulnerability, loss, alienation, ambiguity, and regret. This also depicts the embrace between humans and their nonexistent counterparts, reflecting a state dependent on solitude.

Starting from 2022, her focus shifted towards cultural semiotics, employing an inverted pyramidal topological approach in her art to distill core symbolic structures from broad cultural phenomena, subsequently unraveling how these structures manifest within specific cultural practices. In her art, Gumi intertwines natural phenomena with psychological schemas, creating a narrative on how to measure life in the context of future survival mechanisms.