Gaze of Being


Dimension: 26'' x 28'' x 55''
Medium: PMMA tank, water pump, projector, Kinect, tube, electronics

Gaze of Being explores the collective forgetting by numerous individuals across generations. It suggests that the nature of life is a self-centered radiating influence, with the significance of a life defined by the extent of its impact. The piece questions whether life retains meaning when all beings capable of recording and remembering within its influence are gone or deceased. Does life hold significance in the absence of memory? Conversely, it asks if the existence of the unknown is a fallacious concept.

Therefore, Gaze of Being posits a unique philosophical speculation where 'humanity' does not evolve from a primitive ancestral primate but rather, numerous beings compete to define what it means to be 'human.' In this evolutionary contest, such entities are rivals, and those who prevail would replace others with 'human' genetic traits. However, in reality, many of these 'human' forms have failed, leaving the ancestors of current humans as the successful evolutionaries. All competitors to this definition of 'humanity' have vanished without leaving any traces or records, and their existence is not contemplated.

In the art piece, a screen interacts with objects through Kinect recognition. When an object touches the human body, it is counted, and this count is proportionally transferred into a water tank. Additionally, when Kinect does not detect any objects, the water in the fish tank, essential for the fish's survival, gradually decreases and flows into an external tank. To prevent the fish from dying, people must continually observe the screen. This gaze symbolizes 'existence.'

Gaze of Being suggests that the essence of life is constituted by observation, not memory. The unknown beings indicate countless solutions, yet throughout history, many have looked in the same direction in alternative ways. The place surrounded by eyes represents their chosen solution, embodying the legacy of past individuals.

At the scene of the Shanghai Art Group Exhibition Flux Opening