Institutional Publication  
Peeping at the Universe Bathing: The Consilience of Tao and Modern Physics, 2023
Talks / Conversations
“Deciphering the Creative Minds of Artists with Classic Jungian Function Model,” JILELE, Guangzhou, 2024

In Conversation: Self Evolution from Guihan Lu's Series, Self Theater,
Online, 2022

“Where the sun’s rays do not intrude, a soft illumination prevails,” LAC Architecture, Shanghai, 2019

Academic Research
Multimodal Bodily Interaction between Humans and Digital Plants, 2022

The Application of PIFuHD in the Field of Digital Art, 2021

Practical Spirituality Worship: Exploring Design Methodologies in the Contrast Between 
Government-Crafted and Grassroots Cultures, 2020

Gates of Numbers: Applying Theosophical Addition to the Human Design System, 2020

The Block-to-Block Method for Converting Genomic Sequences into Diverse Musical Compositions, 2016

CryptoVision: An Interactive Tool for One Time Pad Encryption and Visualization, 2015

Poetry CollectionHeed my Command, 2020