Self Evolution


Dimension: 78.7'' x 47.2'' x 47.2''
Medium: ASIC chips, brainwave sensors, electronics, StyleGAN, Python, TouchDesigner, carton, cotton, projector

Self Evolution is a projection mapping installation that plays with theater and self-portraiture by projecting images recorded from a brainwave kit that slowly morphs into a recognizable representation of the viewer. Self-awareness has become increasingly diverse during a period of tremendous advancement in technology and the humanities. Self Theater Series view the self as a self-sustaining ecosystem. In this context, the self's virtual form, ideology, reality entity, intellectual presence, and soul form are entangled and collide in a sequence of episodes. Thus, the "self" as a whole evolves, matures, and sublimates over time.

In this film, "Self" is portrayed as a species capable of spontaneous evolution through machine learning, using the viewer's brainwave signals as input. As viewers pay more attention, they might perceive themselves as a new species that is continuously growing and flourishing. The project transforms the inner workings of the mind into an immersive video and performance.